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    Social Security Disability

How much does it cost?

First, and most importantly, you pay us nothing unless we win.  Our fees are regulated by Social Security, and based on what Social Security calls “back benefits.”  Back benefits are benefits that accumulate between the time you stopped working and the time Social Security awards you benefits.  This amount can range from a few hundred dollars all the way to tens of thousands.  Our fee is 25% of these back benefits, but it is capped $6,000 if you win before an Administrative Law Judge at Social Security.  Social Security sends us a check directly, so you never have to worry about paying us.

Many of our clients have hit on bad times due to their disability, and we’ve done everything we can to keep our fees low for hard-working Oklahomans.  If you have questions about our fees, don’t hesitate to contact us.

How long does it take?

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to accurately predict how long the process will take.  There are many ingredients that affect the timeline, such as your age, medical history, work history, local hearing office’s backlog, and the judge’s backlog. If you win at the application stage, the process could take only a few months or even shorter.

If a hearing and appeals are required, then the process could take nearly a year or more.  Currently, over one million people are waiting for hearings, and there aren’t enough judges to hear all the cases.  But, what we can guarantee you is that Boettcher Law will push your paperwork out the door quickly and stay on top of Social Security so that you don’t get lost in the bureaucratic web.  To Social Security, you’re just another number, to us, you’re our client and an Oklahoman.

If you have questions about how long your case might take, please let us know.

Do I qualify for benefits?

To qualify for benefits, you must be affected by a disability or combination of disabilities that keep you from working.  At Social Security, “disability” is a legal term, and almost all people will require a lawyer to fit their condition within that definition.

There are two programs that Social Security offers: SSDI and SSI.  SSDI is reserved for those who have enough “work credits.” Typically, this means you have worked five of the last 10 years.  Alternatively, SSI does not imposes a work requirement, but does impose certain asset and income requirements.  If you’re currently able to work, then you won’t qualify for benefits.  However, we can work with you and guide you on the appropriate steps to take so that you have the best shot down the road.

The easiest way to find out if you qualify is to ask us!

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