Top 5 Tips for Applying for SSDI

Tip 1: Just Start

The biggest roadblock that keeps people from applying is the mental block associated with the time it takes to finish the application.  The longer you wait to apply for SSDI after stopping work, the harder your case is to win.  Remember, you can always come back to your application by writing down the “Re-entry Number.”  If sitting at your computer becomes too strenuous, you can always save and come back when you are more comfortable.

Tip 2: Don’t Panic

Many people thing that if they make a mistake during their application, it will be fatal to their case down the line.  Fortunately, this is not true!  If you must guess on a date or a number, it is OK!  Clarify what you made educated guesses on in the “Remarks” section of your application.  Everything in your application can be corrected, and often SSDI case managers will call to verify or clarify your answers.  In general, no one ever loses their case for a mistake made in their SSDI application.  SSDI reviewers have seen thousands of applications, most with the same mistakes.

Tip 3: Finish the Entire Application

Often, people believe they completed the application once they receive the “Re-Entry” number.  This is not the case!  You have only completed the application once you have filled out the medical and work history sections.  If you have not filled out your doctors’ visits in the application, then you are not done!

Tip 4: Gather Your Information Before Starting

There are several things you should have on-hand before starting your application:

  1. A list of the jobs you have had in the last 15 years. You do not need to know the employers’ information, but you should have your title and salary ready.
  1. A list of the medications you were prescribed and the doctor who prescribed them.
  1. A list of your doctors and hospital visits that go back five years before the injury that stopped you from working occurred or worsened to the point that you had to stop working.

Tip 5: Ask for Help!

If you have a specific question about your application, you can contact your local Social Security Office by inputting your zip code HERE.

Alternatively, many lawyers have staff available who can help you fill out your application.

Find a lawyer by clicking HERE.


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